Maria is said to have walked out of Sweden; the exit visa shows her leaving Vamb Parish on 20 Oct 1877. She first went to a Swedish camp in Chicago, Illinois, where immigrants could read Swedish newspapers while becoming acclimated to their new country.

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the maria bly family

Maria Bly
Maria Christina Bly (1848-1933)

Maria Americanized her name to "Mary". She married Arne Anderson on October 25, 1879 in Moberly, Missouri. Their children:

  • Oxelia Anderson (1882-1883)
  • Ben Anderson (1883)
  • Alfred A. Anderson (1885)
  • Edith "Eda" Anderson (1890-1981)
  • Susan E. Anderson (1892)

The first three children were born in Moberly, Missouri; the last two in Kansas City, Kansas.


Uncommon in America
A fully-indexed, 190-page publication of the Bly family's emigration from Sweden to the United States by Sharon Smith Kelley.

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