Bly means "lead" (the metal) in Swedish. It was a soldier name given by the army to the recruited soldier. Gustaf Bly belonged to the Kakinds company of Skaraborgs regiment.

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Bly Times

the bly/gustafsson family

Anders Johannson (1727- ) and Johanna Svensdotter (1726- ) married on 2 Nov 1751 in Sweden. Their children:

  • Sven Andersson (1756)
  • Jan Andersson (5 March 1758-27 October 1815)

Jan Andersson married Christina Ericsdotter (1769- ) in 1793 in Sweden. Their children:

  • Anna Cathrina Jansdotter (1794- )
  • Cajsa Jansdotter (1800- )
  • Bolla Gustafva Jansdotter (1806)
  • Gustaf Jansson Bly (1813-1868)

Gustaf Jansson Bly married Maja Greta Johansdotter (1816-1875) 7 October 1840 in Skovde, Vamb Parish, Skaraborg, Sweden. Their children:

Maria Christina BlyFrans Adolph BlyCarl Alfred Gustafsson

Left to Right: Maria, Frans, Carl

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